There were some requests for dedicated strap setups manual so welcome to the complete guide to setting up your messenger bag's strap system. Watch video or read and view the static version.




Each of the messenger bags has 4 ANCHOR POINTS [A.P.] on the back: 2 PRIMARY [AP1 + AP1B] / SECONDARY [AP2] / TIER3 [AP3]. Each anchor point comes with a dedicated 40MM slotted loop to secure the strap and prevent it from accidental disconnection.



Each messenger bag class bag comes with 3 different straps by default:

  • MAIN STRAP: In 99% of cases this one will stay where it was installed by default - connected to primary anchor points [AP1+AP1B]
  • STABILISER STRAP: Triglide on one end and simple velcro-secured loop on the other. Connects to the AP2 and the main strap. Installed by default in offline position.
  • D.S.Y.M.B. STRAP: Double Shoulder Yet Messenger Bag strap. We put these in the candy pocket for you to install if you want to use the double shoulder setup. Connects to AP2 and AP3.



To disconnect strap from the anchoring point perform following operations:

OI/ Release the slotted loop. It's always installed like this and we recommend you to keep it that way as it's the easiest to work with. 

O2/ Pull the anchor point from the triglide [that piece of plastic hardware is officially called a triglide].

O3/ Continue unlooping the anchor point

O4/ And you are done. The strap is now disconnected from the anchor point.

To reconnect follow the same steps in reverse order.


By default your messenger bag will be in a crossbody setup with stabiliser strap installed but put in a offline position for quick in field activation. AP1/AP1B/AP2 used.



To take advantage of better weight distribution or to use the bag in more active situations put the stabiliser in online position.

Just undo the Velcro-secured loop next to the AP1B and reconnect in a same way next to the fidlock v-buckle on the main strap. Like this:




You can hide the AP2 under the dedicated panel for more streamlined look and less dangling straps. AP1/AP2 used



Double shoulder setup allows for backpack style carry, which is healthier, while the bag is still carried in the tilted messenger bag style way. All anchor points are used in this setup.

To install the DSYMB strap, first remove the stabiliser strap and remove the AP3 from under the hiding panel:

The DSYMB connects to AP2 and AP3.


This information is brought to you by AOKU (who else) and the video can be quickly accessed in your verisium app after scanning the chip on chip equipped bags. If you require further assistance, feel free to send a mail to daniel@aoku.co [not .com] with the subject line "STRAP.SYS" (ok that's probably not necessary).