DO YOU SHIP TO...? No, unfortunately due to the COVID-19 outbreak we cannot ship to certain countries, as the list is updated please visit this blog post to see the updates.

DO I GET ORDER UPDATES AND TRACKING NUMBER? Yes, once you place an order you should get a order confirmation and once we ship it you get a tracking number. Please consult your junk mail folder for lost messages or whitelist if it did not land in your inbox.

MY TRACKING NUMBER IS IDLE FOR X DAYS, CAN YOU HELP? Not at this point, we do not have other information besides the one on the tracking site. However if parcel is lost we offer full refund / replacement package sent your way.

WHERE DO YOU SHIP FROM? We are based and ship all the items from Czech republic, that's EU.

WHERE IS THE GEAR MADE? All our gear except for few components from the PARTS section is made locally in the CZECHREPUBLIC /EUROPE /EARTH.

IS PRODUCT 000000 AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER? Unfortunatelly, we don't do preorders. Everything that is available is listed in the store inventory.

WHEN WILL BE PRODUCT 000000 IN STOCK? Best way to keep track of upcoming releases/restocks is to follow our social media accounts or subscribe to AOKUNEWSLETTER.

ARE YOU GOING TO RESTOCK 16YY00 PATCHES? 16YY00-series patches are limited edition, dropping twice a year: january and june. Once gone they gone.

I AM USED TO WEAR MY BAG OVER RIGHT SHOULDER WHICH BAG SIDE OPTION SHOULD I PICK? Left. The bag side option selection is based on which hand will be next to the bag when worn. Use this diagram for refence:

CAN I WEAR A "RIGHT" BAG WHEN I AM LEFT HAND SWING? Yes, but don't. The zippers and straps are all made to work only when worn over the dedicated shoulder.

DOES 000000 FIT [INSERT-DEVICE-NAME]? We measure our items before posting them, if you are still uncertain, contact us and we will double check for you.

WHAT IS TEC-SYS / IS IT M.O.L.L.E. COMPATIBLE? TEC-SYS is commercial name for webbing with PALS slots wovened in. And yes it's fully M.O.L.L.E. compatible. For more information on M.O.L.L.E. / PALS / TEC-SYS watch our video.

I AM A TECHWEAR INFLUENCER WITH 873426081276 FOLLOWERS, WOULD YOU SPONSOR ME? Good for you! If you were not contacted by AOKU before and you think we are missing out, please contact us with few words describing your perception of techwear and why you are good match for AOKU. These will be archived for future reference regardless the influencer pitch result.

QUESTION NOT ANSWERED? Send an email to DANIEL@AOKU.CO [not .com] and expect an answer within few days.