Selected AOKU items come now with the VERISIUM NFC implant.

Technically speaking it's NFC NTAG®216 chip implanted into the item. According to the VERISIUM website, it is "IoT platform for customer engagement and product authentication".

You can scan your item using the VERISIUM.APP [available at the APPSTORE and GOOGLEPLAY] using NFC reader equipped smartphone. Once scanned the app will autheniticate your item and provide you with additional information (future activities to be announced), so the item is now living in your phone too. No, we are not tracking you. To make it a bit more complex we created this workflow chart:


You will need: VERISIUM EQUIPPED ITEM (look for the IMPLANT LABEL - usually inside the item) + iOS/ANDROID SMARTPHONE with NFC READER

01/ Download VERISIUM.APP from your OS vendor appstore or scan the QR code on the item to access Verisium page at your appstore

02/ Open the APP

03/ Using the app scan button scan the CHIP, which is located under the chip icon on the label


04/ Congratulations, you ΛOKU item is now connected to the IoT

DISCLAIMER: Verisium is outsourced technology and therefore all app support requests need to be handled by Verisium not AOKU staff.